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Feet or Plastic Runners 

Buckhorn BG boxes come with nine feet or five plastic runners.  The right choice is dependent upon your specific application.  Please speak with your Buckhorn District Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative for more information or pricing.


ID Tags 
Bulk boxes, intermediate bulk containers, pallets and specialty boxes are best identified with HDPE tags.  Our ID tags can be attached in recessed areas of the box or pallet to protect them.  Please call for pricing.


Label Placards 
Label placards with a peel & stick surface can be applied to bulk boxes, intermediate bulk containers or hand-held containers.  These are used for easy application or removal of shipping labels.  
Model Number                                  Description                                            Size                                    Use
04ACLBPK00109                              Peel & stick surface                              4.5” x 6.5”                          Hand-Held Containers
0604PDMXP126000                         Peel & stick surface                              6.5” x 4.0”                          Bulk Boxes/IBCs
04HWCHHW00822                          Peel & stick surface                              6.5” x 4.5”                          Bulk Boxes/IBCs
04HWCHHW00823                          Peel & stick surface                              9.25” x 13.25”                    Bulk Boxes/IBCs


Cardholders provide a convenient way to identify container contents or display other information.  These may be specially ordered on select containers.  All products are RFID compatible.  Please call for pricing.
Model Number                                  Description                                            Size                                  Use                                                   
04ACCH029473C00                         Self-adhesive, clear plastic                    4.5” x 3.5”                         Hand-Held Containers
04ACCH029483C00                         Self-adhesive, clear plastic                    6.0” x 4.0”                         Hand-Held Containers                          
0804CHMX0200003                         Snap-in, molded frame                           8.25” x 4.25”                     Hand-Held Containers
04ACCH029472C00                         Clear plastic document holder               13.25" x 9.25"                    Bulk Boxes
                                                                (screw attachment)
0604CHMXP126000                         Molded plastic                                        6.5" x 4.0"                         Bulk Boxes
                                                                (rivet attachment)  
04HWSP990008354                         Zipped Pouch                                        13.5" x 9.3"                        CenterFlow only
04HWSP99000900                           Magnetic Closure Pouch                       13.5" x 9.3"                        CenterFlow only


Bar Coding 

Bar coding is available for quick and easy tracing of sensitive and valuable products. 


Sequential Numbering 

For additional identification, sequential numbering can be added.  Please call for pricing.

Standard Colors 

The colors shown on this page are standard colors for stocked products.  Not all colors shown are available for every product – see the individual product specifications for stocked color availability.  Non-stock colors are available on a made-to-order basis and are subject to minimum quantity restrictions.  These color swatches are representative of injection-molded or structural foam products.  Actual product color may vary slightly from the sample due to the material and printing process. Food and agricultural products are molded of FDA compliant colorants and resins.  For the promotion or use of recycled material, black is recommended for color consistency.  Please call for pricing.


Hot Stamps 

Most hand-held plastic containers can be hot stamped with a custom logo or identification code.  Colored mylar is applied to the product with heat and pressure to ensure the longest usable life possible.    Unless otherwise specified, type will be set in block letters, all caps and centered.  Supplied copy should include capital and lowercase letters, abbreviations, punctuation and numbers.  Please call for pricing.

ID Labels 

Peel & stick ID labels can be applied to certain products.  Please call for pricing. 

Drain Holes 

Although not standard, you can add drain holes to your straight wall containers from Buckhorn.  Please call for pricing.

Anti-Skid Rubber Grommets 

Rubber grommets on a pallet deck provide an anti-skid surface, reducing load shifting from your plastic containers.  This can be added on to most light-duty, medium-duty nestable, heavy-duty and universal pallet order.  Please call for pricing.


Perimeter Lip 

Perimeter lips reduce slippage of load and secure empty pallets when stacked during transport.  See individual product listing for optional lip height.  Available on most pallets.  Please call for pricing.

Pallet Lock Retractors     

This “seat belt” system provides additional security for pallet loads.  Available on the Ohio, Romeo and Straight Wall Container pallets.  Please call for pricing.



Large, customized signs as shown are available for CenterFlow Containers.   There is a maximum of two signs per container.  Please call for pricing.