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There are very few products out there more delicate than bakery items.  That is why choosing the best reusable packaging solution is so important.  Buckhorn invented the plastic bakery tray and is still today's source for the most complete range of sizes and styles to guarantee compatibility with your operation.  Buckhorn reusable bakery trays reduce transport costs, improve product protection and increase productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Durability: Buckhorn bakery trays are made of HDPE and will not corrode or splinter.  They are also freezer safe.
  • Product Protection: The tongue-and-groove design allows positive, secure tray stacking.  
  • Productivity: Designed with low walls for easy product access.  Two-way or four-way hand truck entry allows for convenient moving and loading.
  • Cost Savings: Stack and nest within footprints to eliminate wasted space and reduce backhaul space.  They allow full cube of trailers, reducing transport costs.

Buckhorn also offers plastic or steel dollies to complement your bakery trays for easy transport of products.