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Buckhorn reusable packaging systems do more than protect your products - they protect the global environment as well.  As a company, we are certified to ISO 14001 standards, which is a family of standards related to environmental management.  We measure sustainability practices to minimize energy consumption and reduce waste in our operations.  Some of our continuous improvement projects include recycling programs, automatic lighting, water/oil recovery systems and energy efficient cooling towers.

Since 2010, Buckhorn has reduced energy consumption by 2,588,000 KWH with efficiency retrofits.  In that same time frame, Buckhorn avoided wasted energy consumption by 3,664,000 KWH with preventative maintenance and employee awareness programs. That's a total of 6,252,000 KWH in energy efficiencies - enough energy to power 544 households for an entire year!

In instances where quality will not be compromised, we utilize recycled plastic resin in our products.  On average this equates to about 21% recycled content. Buckhorn products are also ideal for closed loop systems. Our customers achieve a more sustainable operation through a reusable packaging solution they can use repeatedly.  Our products provide a high return on investment and a lower cost-per trip than expendable packaging.  And at the end of their useful life, Buckhorn products can be recycled and reprocessed.  In fact, our recycling program removes damaged, unusable or old products from your system.  In some cases, we'll even offer credit on future purchases.

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