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Technical Information

Buckhorn's extensive engineering capabilities include:

  • 2D CAD and 3D Pro E design tools
  • Finite element analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Process and material selection/formulation
  • Extensive validation and quality assurance regimens
  • Dynamic transit testing
  • Impact performance validation
  • Static and dynamic compression testing

Testing and specifications for Buckhorn's reusable packaging are established to provide guidelines for customers and end users.  These guidelines can be used to implement safety policies and procedures based on the specific application, environment and equipment for which the container is intended.  In some cases, the dynamics of products stored in the container may be such that our recommended specifications do not apply.  Buckhorn recommends product testing prior to introducing reusable containers into your system.  Buckhorn will work with end users as requested to determine suitability and capacity requirements.